Some useful websites, links and resources related to rabbit surgery



Rabbit Welfare Association -  the Rabbit Welfare Association and its charity partner, the Rabbit Welfare Fund, work to improve the lives of domestic rabbits across the UK through education and communication by making people realise that rabbits are intelligent creatures that need space, exercise, companionship and stimulation and are not to be bought on a whim. Sadly, despite being the third most popular pets in Britain, rabbits are still one of the most neglected domestic animals.

Veterinary Laparoscopy - the web portal for all information related to keyhole surgery in animals, with useful resources, pictures, and videos not only for animal owners, but also veterinary surgeons. It has a rabbit and small pet mammal section under the species section.

Inglis Veterinary Hospital - the private verinary practice in Fife, Scotland, where Romain performs his specialised rabbit surgery. The practice holds Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (RCVS) Veterinary Hospital status, the highest level achievable by a veterinary facility.

Romain Pizzi - Romain's personal website, with videos of his TV programs and appearances on the BBC, Animal Planet, ITV, Five, as well as his blog and guestbook

Borders Veterinary Cardiology - the specialist veterinary cardiology referral service in Scotland with a specific interest in pet rabbit cardiology and curntly performing clinical researchin this area.

Zoological Medicine Ltd - specialist company providing a consultant service for other veterinarians on all aspects of exotic animal, wildlife, and zoo animal surgery and cardiology.

Rabbit Rehome - a list of rabbit rescue and rehoming charities and organisations in the United Kingdom,with many having current pictures of rabbits up for adoption. This website also has a list of rabbit rescue and rehoming organisations in the UK here.