The same cutting edge technology used in human surgery can also be applied to pet rabbit surgery

Rabbits can benifit from the same advantages that keyhole surgery holds for people and other animals. Unfortunately there are still only a nhandful of veterinary practices in the United Kingdom able to offer keyhole surgery in dogs and cats, let alone rabbits, which with their small size need specialised (and quiet costly) paediatric instruments. For a list of veterinary practices offering veterinary keyhole surgery (laparoscopy) in the United Kingdom, as well as other countries around the world, please click here.

To learn more about current veterinary keyhole surgery (minimally invasive surgery) and how this can be applied to pet rabbits and other aimals, please visit:
Thoracoscopic assisted (keyhole chest surgery) removal of a thymic mass in a pet rabbit using a 3mm laparoscope and 3mm paediatric instruments (Romain Pizzi). Rabbits are the third most common companion animal species in the United Kingdom, and while owners have the same expectation of quality of clinical services and treatment options as dogs and cat, unfortunately in many circumstances surgery of pet rabbits is still under developed, despite a volume of publications from their use as laboratory animals and models for human surgical techniques and procedures.
Romain Pizzi is a leading specialist in keyhole surgery in a variety of species, including pioneering new techniques in rabbits.